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Step 1: Order an EasiPay Gold Card and make the purchase payment.

Step 2: Upon receipt, you will activate your EasiPay Gold Card by going to www.easipaygoldcard.com - Activate
(a) The Unique 9 digit identifier(this is found printed on the bottom of the card)
(b) The 6 digit security code associated with the card. You will be informed separately about this.
(c) The 3 digit CVV code found on the reverse of the card printed on the signature strip.

Step 3: You will be required to create a password after activating your card. This will be required in future every time you sign onto the EasiPay Gold Card site so make sure to remember the password you pick and keep it secure

Step 4: You can now access your PIN on screen. Keep this secret, do not share it with anyone.

Step 5: Load funds to your Card once you are logged into your online account by choosing one of our loading options. See the link: "Load Funds"

Step 6: Once funds are loaded on your card make purchases in store or online, withdraw money from Mastercard® Worldwide ATMs* or share money* with another EasiPay Gold cardholder by using the "Manage buddies" function on your online account at www.easipaygoldcard.com.

Step 7: Use the 24x7 account management feature to check your balance and transaction history.

* Certain functions, such as Cash access and “Buddy2Buddy” transfers, and an increased ability to add loads to card, require upgraded levels of Identification.

Your EasiPay Gold Card Account is an e-money account, NOT related to any bank account

Report this immediately by phone on the 24 hour helpline at +49 1805 666026, or, during normal office hours, you can send an email to support@cardcompact.com giving the name registered with the card and the unique 9 digit code associated with your card if possible.
The EasiPay Gold Card account allows you to manage your EasiPay Gold Card through a powerful but easy to use website. Once you have accessed the secure site, you will be able to check your statement and review your transactions, look at the personal information stored about you, check your PIN number, and most importantly, you will have access to a number of card load and money transfer options including the ability to send and receive funds to and from other EasiPay customers.
Log in and go to load funds. Pick the option that is most convenient for you*.

* Certain functions, such as Cash access and “Buddy2Buddy” transfers, and an increased ability to add loads to cards, require upgraded levels of Identification.

To view your EasiPay Gold Card Account transaction history, please follow these steps:

1. Log onto your EasiPay Gold Card Account with your unique 9 digit ID and enter the password you created for this account. There will also be an additional security check on the login screen.

2. When logged in, select the Account Summary tab at the top of the page or click on the card number you wish to look at.

3.Click the Transaction History button

Your card operates on a prepaid basis where the balance is checked online to ensure there are sufficient funds loaded before any transaction can be approved. Provided you have adequate balance to cover the requested transaction, the most likely cause will be a problem with the POS terminal or the ATM*, for example, the payment terminal may not be properly connected to the Internet.

Very rarely there may be a problem with the processor or the payments systems: this rarely happens as EasiPay Gold Card partners are amongst the largest in the world carrying out millions of transactions every day and as such have highly robust systems.

* Certain functions, such as Cash access and “Buddy2Buddy” transfers, and an increased ability to add loads to cards, require upgraded levels of Identification.
You can upgrade at any time or you will be requested to do so via an email from our compliance department once your current load limit has been reached. When your card is issued it comes With ID-Level 1 as standard so you can immediately load up to 500 Euros and start using the card.

Upgrades are achieved by providing proof of your identification and address, and by providing information on the source of the funds used to load the card. Please be aware this information is only used by Card Compact and its partners for identification purposes and is not shared with any third parties.

To upgrade to ID-Level 2 you are required to send copies (do not send originals) of valid proof of Identity documents (Identity card, photo driving licence or passport) and proof of address (recent telephone, gas electricity or utility bill). You are also required to provide details of the source of the funds used to load the card, (for example if it is from a payroll, your employers name address).

To upgrade to ID-Level 3 this is the same as ID-Level 2 but the identification should be a certified copy (i.e. signed by a public notary). You are also required to provide proof of source of funds (i.e. a copy wage slip or bank statement).

EasiPay Gold Card have made this process extremely simple by allowing you to upload your documents through the customer website (IDV section). Once uploaded they will be processed and your new load limits will be applied. Also you can send your scanned copies to support@easipaycard.com.

Please include the name and address of the registered card holder, the unique 9 digit account number found on the bottom of the card, or, the last 6 digits of your card. Do not ever send the full 16 digit number of the card. Full details of all procedures and applicable documents can be provided by our compliance department. Please note that when you exceed the existing limit, further loads sent to the card will be blocked until you upgrade.

No. The funds held in your EasiPay Gold Card Account do not earn any interest.

Yes, you can add up to 1 additional card to your existing electronic account. Please note that you can have only one main card.

Go to any ATM machine worldwide which displays the Mastercard® card Acceptance Mark.*

* Certain functions, such as Cash access and “Buddy2Buddy” transfers, and an increased ability to add loads to cards, require upgraded levels of Identification.

Yes, once your card has been upgraded to KYC2 level or beyond, you will be able to log in at www.easipaygoldcard.com and go to "Manage buddies". Add a buddy via email, once accepted you can start sharing money worldwide can be done instantly*. Both cardholders have to be upgraded to level two or above to participate in the money sharing.

* Certain functions, such as Cash access and “Buddy2Buddy” transfers, and an increased ability to add loads to cards, require upgraded levels of Identification.

The card is valid for 3 years. When your card expires we will contact you to ensure that your replacement card arrives as expected.

Send an email to support@easipaycard.com  Read terms of use for details..

The amount you can load onto your card is governed by the amount of identification you provide and is divided into three different identification levels.

KYC ID-Level 1: No need for identity documents – maximum load is up to €1,000 (or equivalent local currency)with maximum daily load of €500 (or equivalent local currency) in any one day and maximum amount of loads of 1,000 in any one month.

KYC ID-Level 2: With identity documents your balance is increased up to a maximum of €30,000 (or equivalent local currency) per year and daily load of max €5000.

KYC ID-Level 3: With further identity verification checks, your balance can be further increased to a limit of €80,000 (or equivalent local currency) per year and daily load of max €5000.

All limits represent amounts loaded annually in the aggregate.

See 'Fees & Limits' Tab of 'About' section for full details of allowed limits.

If you use your Card for a transaction in a currency other than the currency in which your card is issued, the transaction will be transferred from the Mastercard payment network to that of Mastercard International Incorporated and converted into the currency in which Your card is issued at a rate shown at


• You can compare the rate being applied to your transaction with the rates published by the European Central Bank by using this link,


This will allow you to readily identify any difference between the FX rate and fees applied by Us with the applicable ECB rate using the following example, which is based on data obtained from 30/4/2020:

• You will need to be aware of the fee that we may charge and that may apply to any Foreign Exchange transactions. This can be obtained from our website here https://easipaygoldcard.com/en-US/Home/TermsConditions

• Go to the Mastercard link https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/consumers/get-support/convert-currency.html and select the date of your transaction. . Currently your rate is calculated on the date when the transaction is processed by Mastercard (‘presentment day’). From August 11th 2020 the way this date should be calculated will change and Mastercard will use the exchange rate that was used at the date and time your transaction was approved by the merchant (also known as the “authorisation date”) rather than at the time the transaction was fully settled by Mastercard (” presentment day”).
These rates change on a daily basis at 14:05 USA Central Time Zone and last for 24 hours. The time difference with Central European Time is typically +7 hours (There may be seasonal differences due to Summer Time Daylight Saving) meaning they would typically be set at 9:05 PM CET. So for example, if your transaction took place on 1st May 2020 at 12:00 noon CET, this would convert to a date and time of 1/5/2020 03:00 AM USA CTZ. This would be covered by the rate set on 30/4/2020 covering the period 30/04/2020 14:05 PM CTC to 01/05/2020 14:05 PM CTZ (30/4/2020 9:05 PM CET to 01/05/2020 9:05 PM CET) so you would in this instance select the rate for the 30/4/2020.. .
• Input any fee you have been advised of that applies to the transaction, select the relevant currency for the transaction, for example Great British Pound, and the currency of your card, for example EURO.
• Enter the value of the transaction into the ‘Transaction Amount’ field and press the ‘Calculate’ button.
• The amount charged will be shown under the ‘Your Card Currency Amount’ heading and also displayed will be the rate applied. This will for example display in the format 1 GBP = 1.184847 EUR
• You can compare this rate by using the link https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/policy_and_exchange_rates/euro_reference_exchange_rates/html/index.en.html. This shows the exchange rate of the Euro against a number of currencies. Click on the required currency (GBP in our example) and the current day’s rate is shown at the top of the screen along with a graph and table of previous rates. This can be displayed in either EUR to GBP or GBP to EUR format, in our example you would select GBP to EUR and would see a rate such as 1 GBP = 1.1507 EUR. The historic rates can be obtained by Clicking on the shown graph. The ECB rate shown can now be readily compared with the rate obtained from the Mastercard site.
• To establish the difference as a percentage of the ECB rate, please complete the following calculation. Deduct the ECB rate from the returned Mastercard value. In our example this would be 1.184847 – 1.1507 = 0.034177 difference. Divide the difference by the ECB rate, in our example this would be 0.034177/1.1507 = 0.029701. This can readily be converted to a percent by multiplying by 100 so that the rate difference in this example is 2.97%.
• We will shortly be adding a calculator to the site to enable you to carry out this calculation more easily We will inform you once this is available.